Function The EURO PRUEFSTER API allows the user of the api to create (POST), read (GET), update (PUT,PATCH) and delete (DELETE) the ressources described inside the documentation.

API Url The EURO PRUEFSTER API is defined under api.euro.pruefster.com/api/v1 of the application domain.

API Authentification The EURO PRUEFSTER API requires a authentification token. It needs to be passed inside the Authorization header like in following example:
Example: 'Authorization': 'apiEuroToken ' + your_apiEuro_token
CAUTION: The prefix 'apiEuroToken ' is mandatory.

API Changelogs Take a look at recent and coming changes in our Changelogs.

Preview of version 2.0 We are currently reworking the API for version 2.0, which will be available alongside version 1.x.
You can preview the documentation here.

Resource Description
GET /exams Responds exam lists
GET /exams/:id Responds one exam
POST /exams Creates exams
PATCH /exams/:id Updates exams
PUT /exams/:id Updates exams
DELETE /exams/:id Deletes exams
GET /exams/:id/show_student Response one student of one exam
POST /exams/:id/add_student Create one student and add to one exam
POST /exams/:id/send_emails Sends exam emails to all students of one exam
POST /exams/:id/proctor_pool Adds proctors to an exam
GET /exams/:id/proctor_pool Response proctors array of an exam
DELETE /exams/:id/proctor_pool Removes proctors from an exam

Resource Description
GET /exams/:exam_id/student_sessions Responds students list in one exam
GET /student_sessions Responds student_sessions list
GET /student_sessions/:id Responds one student
POST /exams/:exam_id/student_sessions Create one student and add to one exam
PATCH /student_sessions/:id Updates one student
PUT /student_sessions/:id Updates one student
DELETE /student_sessions/:id Deletes one student and removes from its exam

Resource Description
GET /institutes/:institute_id/users Responds users list of an institute

Status Status Description
registered Set when a student has been added to an exam
mail_sent Set when an email has been sent from your platform
check_started Student started the check
check_completed Student completed the check
exam_session_opened Exam session has been opened
exam_started Set when student starts exam. The time for the exam starts running now
exam_finished Set when the student finished the exam